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Welcome to Lehigh Valley Rock Gym

Located in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, we service eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.
Our Rock climbing wall and Eurobungy combination will be hit at your next private, corporate or public event.

We bring, set up and operate the equipment at your location.

  • The rock climbing wall is 24 feet tall with 4 separate climbing routes, each equipped with autobelays that provide the utmost in safety for your climbers. If you wish, we can modify these routes to make the climb as easy or hard you need it to be to accommodate your specific function. We do this by changing the holds, and adding or subtracting more.
  • The weight range for the climbing wall is 40 to 250 pounds.
  • The Bungy or Bungee portion is 20 foot in height, and we can set up to 3 stations, depending on event size and space availability.
  • The weight range for bungy jumping is 30 to 220 pounds, and we accommodate each persons weight range, and ability, with the corresponding number of bungy elastics, so everybody gets the full enjoyment.
  • We carry different sized harnesses to accommodate both children and adults.
Why the name Lehigh Valley Rock Gym? 
Is there a gym to go to?
Sorry no, we do not have a facility or a gym not just yet, but are working very hard towards that goal.
Currently, after just five years in business, this sixth year has proven to be the most promising.
So please check back later for update for 2024.